1. Credit Information Exchange is an exchange of credit and collection data through mutual and reciprocal use of quality information.

2. Listing of Court Cases is a compilation of court cased filed in the different courts of Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao in the following categories:

        a. attachment
b. Batas Pambansa #22
c. Estafa
d. Forclosure
e. Illegal Recruitment
f.  Ejecment
g. Other Deceits
h. Falsification of Public Document
i. Replevin
j. Sum of Money
k. Unlawful Detainer
l. Swindling

3. Listing of Returned Checks is a compilation of clients who issued check(s) which was.were dishonored by the drawee bank submitted by CMAP's members.

4. Listing of Accounts Endorsed to Lawyers is a compilation of accounts endorsed to legal submitted by the members of CMAP.

5. Listing of Past Due Accounts from telecommunication companies.

6. Listing of Past Due Accounts from manufacturing companies.

7. Publications are issued to allow members of CMAP to be updated on the activities through newsletters published every other month and journals published semi-annually which featured articles int eh field of credit and collection management and other related fields.

8. Seminars and Workshops are held covering topics on credit and collection management and other related fields.

9. The Library has a wide collection of books, journals and other local and foreign publications for the use of the members of CMAP.

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